NO. 416 The Devonshire

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NO. 416 The Devonshire

The Devonshire solid wood shelf is handcrafted for the person who wants a fire mantel without your fireplace being fully surrounded. Mantel shelves allow the same showplace for pictures, paintings, mementos, or other decorative items, without taking up as much space as a full-sized mantel. This Devonshire mantel features options of either Cherry Distressed finish or unfinished wood, and is available in size 60″ or 72″ shelf lengths. Purchase the Devonshire mantel and add a touch of elegance and style above your family room fireplace.



  • The Devonshire solid wood mantel shelf
  • Paint and stain grade
  • Offered in unfinished and Cherry Distressed finish
  • Available in size 60″ or 72″ shelf lengths

Mantel Dimensions

No. 416 The Devonshire Mantel Shelf 416-60 416-72
Top Shelf length: 60″ 72″
Top Shelf depth: 10″ 10″
Bottom base length: 48 1/2″ 60 1/2″
Bottom base depth: 5 3/8″ 5 3/8″
Distance between brackets: 40″ 52″
Width of each Corbel: 4″ 4″
Overall height with Corbels: 16 3/4″ 16 3/4″



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