NO. 490 The Lindon

NO. 490 The Lindon

Take advantage of the look and decorative elements of a mantel with this convenient mantel shelf. Save space with this alternative to a full mantel while enjoying the benefits of a home for your pictures, sculptures, and Christmas stockings. The handcrafted, sturdy shelf comes finished or unfinished according to your needs. Receive if fully finished or enjoy turning it into a unique piece fitting to your home. This mantel shelf is made of solid wood and is available in 60″ or 72″ lengths.



  • The Lindon solid wood mantel shelf
  • Paint and stain grade
  • Offered in unfinished or Mission Oak finish
  • Available in size 60″ or 72″ shelf lengths


Shelf Dimensions

No. 490 Lindon Shelf
490-60 490-72
Shelf Length: 60″ 72″
Shelf depth: 10″ 10″
Overall Height 7″ 7″



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