NO. 496 The Lexington

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NO. 496 The Lexington

If you have a custom surround, or don’t want to cover up a large part of your wall, a mantel shelf is the way to go. The mantel shelves available from Pearl Mantels can add style, storage or just complete the feel of a traditional fireplace set up. The Lexington Shelf has decorative elements that create a rustic, distressed look, down to the raw edging and decorative scoring. And you have a choice of unfinished or Natural Rustic Distressed finishes, you can create the exact look that you want, easily. And all of the mantel shelves from Pearl Mantel are easy to hang without a lot of extra work or having to alter your walls. With the hanging rails, hollow back and mounting hardware, these mantels are just as easy to hang as a picture.



  • Wood Mantel Shelf
  • Includes Installation Hardware and Hanger Board
  • Easy to Assemble and Install

Specifications for Mantels with a 60 Inch Length:

  • Overall Height: 8″
  • Top Shelf Length: 60″
  • Top Shelf Depth: 10″
  • Bottom Shelf Length: 60″
  • Bottom Shelf Depth: 10″

Specifications for Mantels with a 72 Inch Length:

  • Overall Height: 8″
  • Top Shelf Length: 72″



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