NO. 510 The Newport

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NO. 510 The Newport

More than just a piece of trim or an accent, the Newport Mantel brings together decoration and storage. With its 7 inch deep shelf, you can display your favorite art pieces, candles or mirrors. And with the molding accenting the shelf and decoratively carved legs, the Newport Mantel will make a difference around your fireplace. And, since the Newport is made from dense and extra sturdy MDF, you’ll know that you’ll have a mantel that you can enjoy for years. Shipped fully painted in white, you can change the color of this mantel by simply sanding it and applying a new color.



Wood Mantel Shelf

  • Includes Installation Hardware and Hanger Board
  • Easy to Assemble and Install

Specifications for the Newport Mantel:

  •  Overall Height: 51″
  • Projection: 1 1/2″
  • Shelf length: 65″
  • Shelf depth: 7″
  • Interior Width: 48″
  • Interior Height: 40″
  • Width to outside leg at base: 58″
  • Depth of leg at bottom: 2 1/4″



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