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Northfield Gas Stove

The Northfield™ cast iron gas stove is a true work of art. Its classical Early American design and three-side fireview more closely resembles a piece of fine furniture than it does a gas stove. Despite its size, the Northfield boasts an incredibly large 416 square inches of fire-viewing – which highlights the realistic dancing-flame fire from any angle in the room. The Northfield produces up to 22,000 BTUs, along with an exceptional turn-down ratio of 70-percent – for fantastic control over the amount of heat produced.

The Northfield can be installed as a top or rear vent and boasts close clearances to adjoining walls (5” in the back and 3-1/2” on the sides) – so you can literally install it anywhere within your home.

The Northfield™ features the revolutionary GreenSmart gas burner system and realistic Ember-Fyre burner. The GreenSmart system is the latest in energy-efficiency gas technology that heats the home while saving on energy usage and lowering heating bills. The real power of the GreenSmart system is the entire collection of components, controls and technology features which includes:

New Iron Paint or Black Majolica or Oxford Brown Enamel Finish
Ember-Fyre Burner
Easy Heat/Flame Adjustment
Comfort Control™
Lite Control Panel
Choice of pilot ignition modes – IPI Electronic Ignition or Standing Pilot
Built-in battery backup
Standard accent light

 Click here to view GreenSmart remote video

Click here to view GreenSmart Questions & Answers Video.






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