Ovation II Arch Deco Center View

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Ovation II Arch Deco Center View


Ovation II with Arch Deco Center View Doors. The OVATION II is
constructed using 3/16″ steel. Doors are flush with frame and
precision hinges enable the doors to glide smooth as silk. Truly
a beautiful addition to enhance your fireplace. Quality at
it’s best! Please see the Info Center for more detailed
information at the bottom right of this page.




Ovation II with Arch Deco Center View Doors. The OVATION II is
constructed using 3/16″ steel.  Doors are flush with frame  and
precision hinges enable the doors to glide smooth as silk. Truly
a  beautiful addition to enhance your fireplace.  Quality at
it’s best! Please see the Info Center for more detailed
information at the bottom right of this page.



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